Product activation


The activation of the Standard or the Professional edition is needed only for the Single Workstation License


The  activation of the product on system wNT, w2000, wXP, Vista, w7 is possible only if you have  the   Administration rights.


From the evaluation edition you can proceed to the standard or professional edition as follows:


Online Activation

1.  activate the Project Reader evaluation edition
2.  from the menu ? choose the option REGISTRATION
3. from the panel which is opened, choose  Online Activation  and put the user's name, password and order code  you have
4.  click on Update


Manual Activation

1.  activate the Project Reader evaluation edition
2.  from the menu ?  choose the option REGISTRATION 
3.  from the panel which is  opened, read the Serial Number of the installation
4. enter on the reserved area of the Project Reader site using the user's name and the password you have
5. select from the web page ACTIVATION KEYS a license available and indicate in the box Serial Number the number read in Project Reader; after that, click on Activation Key button. The activation key to be put in Project Reader will be given on-line and sent via e-mail. Check properly the serial number you have written, otherwise you might lose one of the activation keys which have been purchased.
6. Once you have the activation key, put this  in the panel REGISTRATION, select the Edition and click on Update.
7. Close Project Reader and restart. If activation is successful, you will see the STANDARD or PROFESSIONAL edition in the statusbar, depending on your purchase.


How to transfer an activated installation to another workstation

The UNDO INSTALLATION on system wNT, w2000, wXP, Vista, w7 require to be logged with Administration rights.
1. Open the Project Reader REGISTRATION panel (Info ?-->Registration)
2. Click on UNDO INSTALLATION (Project Reader will turn to Evaluation Edition)
3. Read the UNDO KEY which Project Reader shows in the panel
4. Access on reserved area and choose "Activation keys, Orders" web page, put the undo Key into the Undo Key  textbox and choose the edition regarding the installation,  click on UNDO INSTALLATION button.
5. The number of Used Installations is reduced by one and you can ask for a new activation key

For any reason (hard disk failure , or others conditions....) if it impossible for you make the undo installation, you can easily send to us an e-mail asking to delete the installation.


If you have any problems with activation, contact the technical support:
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