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Project Reader 5.0.3 22 August 2017     
  • BUG FIXES in opening MS Project 2016 .mpp files
Project Reader 5.0.0 1 February 2017     
Project Reader 4.9.0 23 February 2016     
  • Microsoft Project 2016 compatible for .mpp and .mpt file format
  • New Feature PostIt. Now you can edit your annotation on tasks.

- In order to add a Postit you have to open the task detail and choose the Postit section.

- In order to know if a task has a Postit a special icon is showed on the indicator column.

- In order to view the Postit on the task table you can add the Postit column.

- The Postit is saved locally on your PC (find the file postit.ini), if you move the file in another folder the Postit will be not showed.

- If you are interested in having the possibility to share the Postit with other project users, please contact us.
Project Reader 4.8.1 3 August 2015     
  • Windows 10 compatible
Project Reader 4.8.0 25 February 2015     
  • Support to open mpp file stored on Box.com.

Project Reader 4.7.0 9 April 2014     
  • Compatible with Windows 8.1.
  • Support to open mpp file stored on Dropbox.

  • New option for summary tasks. Now you can view task list without summary tasks by unchecking the option
    "Show summary task" from Tools->Options panel

Project Reader 4.6.0 27 June 2013     
  • Microsoft Project 2013 compatible for .mpp and .mpt file format.
  • Support to open mpp file stored on Google Drive.

Project Reader 4.5.0 10 January 2013     
  • Visual Reports. Using this feature you can launch Project Reader report under Microsoft Excel. Opening the Visual Report list you can view the available reports alreday installed on your computer and the new reports published on projectreader.com website. More information on Visual Reports
Project Reader 4.4.0 30 August 2012     
  • Opening projects published on Project Server 2010. In order to have the access data to use in Open DSN window of Project Reader you have to ask to your Project Server administrator
  • Compatibility: support for Windows 8
Project Reader 4.3.0 28 June 2012     
  • Object Model programming via Visual Basic for Application
  • Available on the Evaluation and Professional edition now you can access to the MPP data by the Project Reader engine using Visual Basic for Application.
    Easily you can create the object like below:
    Dim objReader as Object
    Set objReader=CreateObject("ProjectReader.Application")

    Easily you can open an .MPP file like below:
    Call objReader.openFile("C:\temp\EventsExample.mpp")

    More information
  • BUG FIX: fixed a little problem for the tasks sequence
Project Reader 4.2.0 21 October 2011     
  • Finding project data is now very easy.
Microsoft Project Viewer - find window

    The find window can be opened from:
    • CTRL-F
    • by clicking on the context menu for a column
    Microsoft Project Viewer - how to invoke find window
    The find tool allow you to search data, in smart way, depending on the filed type: text, number, date, duration, work and cost.
    You can compare fields using your custom data or choosing another compatible field of the project. To choose the compatible fileds you have to click on the icon Microsoft Project Viewer - switch to fields list.
    Dependong on the field type many logic operator are available: equals, does not equals, is greater than, is greater than or equal to, is less than, is less than or equal to, is not within, is within, contains, does not contains.
  • The custom views are now available under the menu View->Gantt Chart
  • Microsoft Project Viewer - order by ascending - keep outline structure
Project Reader 4.1.0 10 March 2011     
  • Portuguese version
  • Faster in opening project's plan and scrolling the Gantt view
  • Optimized memory usage
  • Order by icon:
    • Microsoft Project Viewer - order by ascending - keep outline structure ascending - keep outline structure
    • Microsoft Project Viewer - order by descending - keep outline structure descending - keep outline structure
    • Microsoft Project Viewer - order by ascending - without outline structure ascending - without outline structure
    • Microsoft Project Viewer - order by descending - without outline structure descending - without outline structure
  • New licensing types:
    • Terminal Server Licensing
    • Extended Company License
    More information at licensing page.
Project Reader 4.0.0 3 September 2010     
  • Microsoft Project 2010 compatible for .mpp and .mpt file format.
    Support for new scheduling modes: manually schedule or automatic schedule.
    Support for inactive tasks.
  • Support in opening Project 2007 file saved using Microsoft Project 2010.
  • Support in opening Project 2003 file saved using Microsoft Project 2010.
  • BUG FIX: corrected a bug in exporting data.
  • Other undocumented corrections.
Project Reader 3.9.0 8 January 2010     
  • Opening projects published on Project Server 2007. Ask to your Project Server administrator in order to have the access data to use in Open DSN window of Project Reader. The Project Server 2007 database name to use in Project Reader must be the PUBLIC database name. The format of the public database name is like: PWA_Published_269017E9_0080_464F_9653_B98319790ABF
  • Windows 7 x32 and x64 compatible
  • New shortcut: on Gantt Chart you can use the shortcut CTRL+T to set the Gantt at the current date
Bug fix:
  • BUG FIX: corrected a bug in showing tasks as subproject.
  • BUG FIX: corrected a bug in saving recent files and preferences (correction for windows 7)
Project Reader 3.8.0 31 July 2009     
New functions:
  • Tracking Gantt view is now available
  • Export projects in .xml and .csv via command line
  • In columns list will be shown also the original name used from the Project Manager
  • New columns in resource sheet: actual overtime cost; remaining overtime cost
Bug fix:
  • Enhancements for showing non-latin characters (chinese, arabic,...) on PC with latin operating system (english, italian,..)
  • Enhancements in opening subprojects
  • Other undocumented corrections
Project Reader 3.7.1 11 February 2009     
Maintenance update version:
  • Compatibility: support for latest Windows Vista versions
  • Compatibility: support for Windows XP with SP3
  • BUG FIX: corrected a bug in opening complex mpp files
Project Reader 3.7.0 16 November 2008     
Gantt Chart graphic enhancements:
  • Critical Path. Select option men¨ View->Critical path
  • Gridlines on Gantt Chart. Select option men¨ View->Gridlines
  • Deadline arrow
  • Bar start shape, bar middle shape and bar end shape
  • Background cell color
Printing via command-line:
  • new option -m. You can choose to print the timestamp on the footer. -m:0 does not print the timestamp, -m:1 print the timestamp
  • new option -t:table_name. You can choose which table print in the Gantt Chart View
  • new option -k:table_name. You can choose which table print in the Task Usage View
  • new option -u:table_name. You can choose which table print in the Resource Usage View
  • new option -r:table_name. You can choose which table print in the Resource View
New columns for .MPP 2007 version (custom fileds):
  • Task filed: Physical % complete; VAC; Work variance; baseline fixed cost; baseline fixed cost from 1 to 10; baseline work from 1 to 10; baseline cost from 1 to 10; baseline start from 1 to 10; baseline finish from 1 to 10; Free slack; Start slack; Finish slack
  • Resource filed: budget; value "cost" added for resource type field
New columns for .MPP 2000,2002 and 2003 versions (custom fileds):
  • Task filed: VAC; Work variance; Free slack; Start slack; Finish slack
  • in some .mpp files the subproject task was read as normal task
  • in some .mpp files links disappear when the project has been saved from MS Project 2007 to MS Project 2003
  • in Gantt Chart blank lines are now positioned indipendently from the task level
  • other undocumented corrections
Project Reader 3.6.0 29 June 2008     
Exporting: Project Reader is able to export projects on external file. You can copy data from Project Reader into a file choosing the menu options below:
File -> Export -> XML
File -> Export -> CSV -> Tasks/Resources/Assignments
When you export a project into a XML file, the file will be compatible with Microsoft Project and Project Reader. You can view an example of a XML file exported from Project Reader at: http://www.projectreader.com/download/EventExample.xml
When you export a project into a CSV file you have to choose which information will be exported: Tasks, Resources or Assignments. The field will be separated by the carachter ';'.

Project Reader 3.5.0 25 September 2007     
Printing: Project Reader is able to accept commands to print directly from the command line; using this method it is possible to schedule print queues to execute at any time.
The syntax for calling this command from the command line is:
pjreader file -p[:printer name] [-r:format] [-o:orientation] [-c:copies] [-z:proportion] [-v:view]
For more information and examples see the help file.

New option: by selecting the option "Always use the default printer" all projects will be printed on the default printer. If the option is not selected then printing will take place on the printer last used by Project Reader.

BUG FIX: in the Gantt Chart corrected a bug in displaying the top tier when the timescale "Week->Day" is used and the "European date" option is not checked

BUG FIX: corrected the tooltip on the zoom icons

Project Reader 3.4.1 17 May 2007     
BUG FIX: corrected a bug, introduced in previous version 3.4.0 , where some project files were not properly opened.
Project Reader 3.4.0 13 May 2007     
Spanish version
Support for Working Time calendar window
Click here to view the Working Time window.
BUG FIX: the resource filter now work properly
BUG FIX: opening .xml project files via command line now work properly
Project Reader 3.3.2 4 April 2007     
BUG FIX: the project calendar for Microsoft Project 2007 .mpp files is now properly shown.

BUG FIX: projects having notes with images are now opened correctly

Project Reader 3.3.1 19 March 2007     
Microsoft Project 2007 compatible for .mpp and .xml file format.
Added option to print the notes
Added the notes column into "insert column list"
Sort options saved into preferences
BUG FIX: preferences are now saved properly when closing the application
Project Reader 3.3.0 3 January 2007     
Microsoft Windows Vista compatible.
Support for Microsoft Project tables: these are read by Project Reader starting from the .mpp file with all the project data. Said data is then linked to the individual project. For this reason, this type of display table cannot be modified.
Project Reader 3.2.2 15 June 2006     
Microsoft Project Server 2003 compatibility: you can access directly to projects stored on Project Server installed on DBMS SQL Server
Improved the SQL Server connection: now you can use the trusted connection and you can specify optionally the database name (Initial catalog) and the instance of SqlServer, if you have installed more than one SQLServer on the same windows server. Click here to view the new window to open projects on SQLServer.
BUG FIX: error on settings some print parameters
Project Reader 3.2.1 7 May 2006     
German version
Support for .MPP protected files
Added a new date format (YYYY-MM-DD)
Printing: new footer options: system date, file name, company name, manager, project start date, project finish date, subject, author, keyword
Project Reader 3.2.0 13 February 2006     
Scaling: specifies how to want to adjust the printed image size. You can shrink or expand it by a specified percentage (Adjust to), or specify that it fit on a specific number of pages (Fit to). Click here to view the screenshot.
Custom column titles: you can specify a custom column description during add columns. Click here to view the screenshot
Project Reader 3.1.0 6 December 2005     
Support for the linked projects (except for MPP 1998 file format)
Support for opening .MPT file format
New added column: you can add the new columns Duration01,...,Duration10
Printing: new footer options, system date and file name
Gantt: new graphics option, you can choose the task bar pattern for the normal and summary task
Gantt: new graphics option "Apply Microsoft Project graphic style". Using this option Project Reader will apply Microsoft Project font styles, font colors and task bar colors. This option is limited to MPP file format saved using MS Project 2000 or newer
New icon in toolbar to open project saved on SQLServer and Oracle
Some bug fix: wrong close task indicator using French Version;  error in opening MPP file;
Project Reader 3.0.6 30 September 2005     
French version
Project Reader 3.0.5 4 September 2005     
Some bug fix in opening MPP file containing wrong outline structure
New option to set the european date
Able to open MPP file containing no latin language (i.e. Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, ...) on PC with latin international settings (i.e. with English, French,...). Test performed in China and Hong Kong by our new customer. Click here to see an example.
Project Reader 3.0.2 14 May 2005     
Maintenance update version.
BUG FIX: error in changing cronological timescale
BUG FIX: error in closing large Project
Project Reader 3.0.0 25 Mar 2005     
Support to open .MPP files saved using Microsoft Project 98.
Sort by column with "Keep outline structure" option.
New timescale day-hour.
Graphics indicators column.
Option View->Links to hide links between tasks in Gantt Chart.
Option View->Outline Level. you can show or hide the tasks until your preferred outline level.
Project Reader 2.0.0 12 Dec 2004     
XML file format. Project Reader is able to open MS Project 2002 2003 .XML file format.
Support to Open .MPP file on workstation with Asiatic International Settings.
Project Reader 1.3.8 18 Oct 2004     
Maintenance update version.
Project Reader 1.3.7 04 Apr 2004     
New option. You can choose the decimal digit on duration fields.
(menu' Tools --> Options).
New assignment detail window. You can view the assignment detail window clicking on assignment in Task Usage View or Resource Usage View.
New fields Start Date and Finish Date on Resource Sheet View.
New Toolbar filter. You can filter all data using Resource Name or Group Name
Project Summary Task. You can add the Project Summary Task information on Gantt View and Task Usage View.
BUG FIX: Error in field Notes for MPP file format.
Project Reader 1.3.6 19 Feb 2004     
Maintenance update version that encapsulates software bug fixes in MPP project opening.
Project Reader 1.3.5 18 Feb 2004     
MS Project 2003 compatible.
MPP file format. Project Reader is able to open MS Project 2000 2002 2003 .MPP file format.
Font Changing. You can choose your preferred font.
Faster in opening project's plan.
New maintenance & upgrade policy
Project Reader 1.3 01 Nov 2003     
MS Project 98 compatible. Project Reader is able to open MS Project 98 database format (*.mpd, *.mdb,SQLServer and Oracle).
Resource Usage View. A new funtionality to view all the tasks assigned resource by resource, and all the tasks not assigned.
Printing Gantt with time span. This functionality provide you a method to print the gantt diagram between two date.
Export the table data to clipboard. Now also the table data of every view can be copied into clipboard. It is useful especially when you paste these informations into a spreadsheet..
Project Reader 1.2.1 26 Jun 2003     
Self-Activation. This functionality provide you a method to activate Project Reader License without bothering the users; ask for information.
Command line file name parameter. You can open a Project by double clicking on file name.
BUG FIX: Error opening task detail or resource detail.
BUG FIX: Error working without Administration rights.
Project Reader 1.2 18 May 2003     
Roll-up Tasks shown on gantt chart.
New preferences (menu Tools --> Options)
- Into the Secondary Timescale box you can choose the Month format (JAN,FEB,.. or J,F,..)
- You can choose different labels for every task type: Normal, Summary, Milestone and Rollup
Faster in opening project's plan
Online Activation -  Take a look at Registration Panel (menu ? -> Registration)
Project Reader 1.1 16 Apr 2003     
New preference. The Save preferences on exit checkbox allows you to save project's window preferences automatically everytime you close the project. Preferences are composed by: windowsá location and dimension, current views and current timescale values. If you don't check "Save preferences on exit", to save window's preferences you must require "Save preferences" explicitly (menu File -> Save preferences).
Project Reader 1.0 23 Mar 2003     
First version.

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